10 Peranakan heritage hotels in Penang

by Singapore n Beyond | September 14, 2016 7:57 pm

Heritage hotels are a favourite among travellers for their historical significance amid a traditionally designed setting. Lucky for us, Penang is full of them! Inspired by different cultures and time periods, we’ve compiled a list of the best Peranakan Heritage Hotels in Penang.

1. Hotels in Penang: Clove Hall

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by Clove Hall[1]

A quiet sanctuary from the usually bustling Georgetown, Clove Hall[2] is a private Edwardian Anglo-Malay bungalow offering a peaceful retreat to any guest. Six suites named after spices reflect the its history of being a former coconut and clove plantation, and their outdoor pool is lined with Frangipani, Bougainvillea and ‘Firecracker’ plants. Their modern Peranakan design seamlessly blends into their fragrant gardens, resulting in a serene abode for any tired traveller.

2. Hotels in Penang: Noordin Street House

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by Noordin Street House[3]

Designed in a Straits Chinese style,  Noordin Street House[4] emotes romantic nostalgia amongst modern facilities- perfect for couples seeking an intimate getaway. This hotel was named after Habib Marican Noordin, an honoured Indian Muslim merchant and philanthropist. The beautifully designed facilities make staying in a pleasant option, even including an indoor pool for warmer days.

3. Hotels in Penang: Campbell House

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by Campbell House[5]

With multiple awards under its belt, the Campbell House[6] guarantees an exquisite experience. Service is of top priority here, with owners Nardya and Roberto extremely particular on only offering services that guests want and need. Undeniable sophistication and practical facilities keeps your stay luxuriously comfortable at a reasonable price. Taking the best from various hotel categories, they’ve created an original experience unique to the Campbell House.

4. Hotels in Penang: Muntri Mews

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by Muntri Mews[7]

Enjoy 20th Century charm at Muntri Mews[8], a set of Edwardian era buildings refurbished under esteemed hotelier Chris Ong. After winning the 2007 Unesco Award of Distinction for heritage conservation for the Galle Fort Hotel in Sri Lanka, he returned to Georgetown and began restoring heritage houses and managing hotels. Built in a Straits Eclectic style, Muntri Mews takes pride in an interior that speaks of the 20th Century, with Ong placing great importance on conserving the building’s original design.

5. Hotels in Penang: Loke Thye Kee Residences

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by Loke Thye Kee Residences[9]

5 luxurious suites create the Loke Thye Kee Residences[10], a row of restored shophouses in a Straits Chinese style. Step through a private entrance to an impeccably decorated suite, complete with an equipped kitchenette and an outdoor terrace. The stunning use of pattern and tile is enough to take your breath away. 

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6. Hotels in Penang: Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

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by Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion[12]

Built for his beloved 7th wife, Cheong Fatt Tze pulled no stops when it came to the design of the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion[13]. Also known as The Blue Mansion for its strikingly blue exterior, Cheong Fatt Tze paid homage to his love for traditional Chinese culture through architecture. Tradition is also evident in the application of Feng Shui[14], a Chinese philosophical system of harmony between people and the environment. The hotel conducts daily tours of the mansion, free of charge for guests!

7. Hotels in Penang: Eastern & Oriental

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by Eastern & Oriental[15]

Styled in the British-Raj era, the Eastern & Oriental[16]‘s white exterior catches your eye without trying. This colonial inspired building has hosted the famous, including Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham and Douglas Fairbanks. Not forgetting its cultural origins, the hotel displays an experiential narrative of Penang’s history, social and cultural milestones in the E&O Gallery. With its full serviced suites, gym, infinity pool and spectacular sea view, The E&O is one to indulge in. 

8.Hotels in Penang: Yeng Keng Hotel

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by Yeng Keng Hotel[17]

Welcome to the 19th century! In the mid 1800s, the Yeng Keng Hotel[18] was built as a private Anglo Indian bungalow for an Indian Muslim family. Today, it stands as a 20-room heritage hotel with its original details and colours thankfully intact. Located on the vibrantly active Chulia street, the Yeng Keng Hotel is only a walk away from Penang’s many attractions.

9. Hotels in Penang: Museum Hotel

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by Museum Hotel[19]

Exclusive to guests, the Museum Hotel[20] houses an impressive collection of antiques in the museum within its premises. The beautiful antiques are not restricted to the museum however, there were immaculate pieces at every corner! Each suite is individually themed, keeping repeat visits fresh and exciting. There is a 24 hour gym on the second floor, cosy common areas, and reliably warm service.

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10. Hotels in Penang: Seven Terraces

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by Seven Terraces[22]

Although the exterior of the Seven Terraces[23] follows the Anglo-Chinese style, the interior showcases the magnificence of the Peranakan Chinese era. The lavish living in a prosperous Peranakan Chinese household is recreated through quality antiques and artistically crafted furniture. If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping on an original Peranakan Chinese wedding bed, you can do so in The Steward Apartment!

Featured image by Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion[12]

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