7 Private islands in Southeast Asia you can splurge on

7 Private islands in Southeast Asia you can splurge on
June 10 14:30 2016

Singapore has its fair share of high end hotels and wonderful venues but if you want to really splurge, consider booking your own private island. Imagine a private beach, staff on call and no limit on late night parties. These private islands are also suitable for small weddings or for celebrations. Here are seven private islands in Southeast Asia open for bookings.

Private islands in Southeast Asia: Pulau Joyo

"Pulau Joyo"

Pulau Joyo

Pulau Joyo was designed with a refined taste in mind. At times of the year the island can be booked by room but you can also reserve the entire place to yourself and a party of up to 25 people. I personally attended a wedding celebration there and we had a wonderfully romantic and intimate time. Of all the private islands in Southeast Asia this is possible the most accessible and best value for money.

The villas are Robinson Crusoe style, some have with two stories, and open into the sea. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the island and water sorts available including hobbicats or kayaks. The water is translucent and clean and all you can see in the distance is more islands and the horizon. For special celebrations the staff can put up a bond fire and even fireworks. Dinners can be had at the beach, with your toes dipped in the sand, or on the grass, by the swimming pool. There is an honesty bar where you write down what you took and you can also bring some of your drinks from the duty free at the ferry.

"Pulau Joyo"

Pulau Joyo

Pula Joyo can be reached by ferry from Tanah Merah followed by a one hour bus ride and then a fifteen minute boat. It is not as close as other options sans-flight from Singapore but it is a little haven of peace hard to find elsewhere without taking a plane.

Rates start at SGD$5361 for 12 people with all the meals included.

Private islands in Southeast Asia: Pulau Pangkil

"Pulau Pangkil"

Pulau Pangkil

Another private island of the same owners as Pulau Joyo but built first. Pulau Pangkil is only bookable as the whole island. Rates start at 10 people and increase in a marginally cheaper rate if you are more. These rates include all meals for a two night three day stay. The staff are at hand to provide any snacks between meals and there is an honesty bar to make your own drinks. Food is local Indonesian with some international flavours.

"Pulau Pangkil"

Pulau Pangkil

As opposed to Pulau Joyo, Pangkil is a rather rustic and back to nature style with a driftwood feeling and a jungle lost at sea. If a shipwreck crew got lost in an idyllic island it would be Pangkil. Weddings and special celebrations can also be arranged, like at Pulau Joyo including flower arrangements and fireworks.

Rates start at SGD$470++ per person per night including all meals and transportation from the ferry terminal.

Private islands in Southeast Asia: Batu Batu

"Batu Batu"

Batu Batu

Batu Batu is a private island in Malaysia, right after the border with Singapore. It can be reached from the Mersing Jetty via a half an hour boat ride. It is a rustic chic resort set amongst coconut groves, rocky outcrops and fine sand beaches on the tropical, uninhabited island of Pulau Tengah. Between  1975 and 1981 the island used to house “Vietnamese boat people” and it was a United Nation’s Refugee Counsel Transit Camp for refuges.

"Batu Batu"

Batu Batu

The resort follows the idea of a Kampong and has been built using local materials by the local carpenters. There are 20 one bedroom villas and 2 two bedroom villas. The good thing about Batu Batu is that island is big enough for a tropical trek among the jungle or for a lazy day sun bathing. The beaches offer the finest sand and there are 7 of them to choose from.

"Batu Batu"

Batu Batu

Batu Batu is committed to the environment so all the proceeds from diving bookings go towards the preservation of the marine life and corals around the island. At Batu Batu you can also gain your PADI license or the more advanced certificates. Sightings of sharks, dugongs and dolphins are common so this is a great place to get certified.

There is also a spa and boutique on site and the opportunity to take a tour of the thriving flora in the island.

Rates start at SGD$400 per night unless you like sharing with your friends in which case it can be lower. Full board meals apart.

Private islands in Southeast Asia: Ariara

"Ariara Lodge"

Ariara Lodge

Acclaimed by The Sunday Times and Time Magazine Ariara is private island where Greece meets the Philippines. Ariara is contemporary rather than rustic and blends local island features with modern facilities. It is in a level of its own.

Ariara can only accommodate 18 guests in various types of rooms located along the beach. There are beach cottages and jungle villas. Guests can enjoy the beach or the infinity pool located right in front of The Lodge, the main dining and entertainment area right by the sea.



The main difference between Ariara and the rest of the islands featured here is the freedom to choose when to eat, what to do and where to indulge. The island’s staff, the owner’s himself, are there to tend to all your needs. If the island is not enough, you can also venture out on the motorboat, go wake boarding, jet skiing or simply island hopping. If you want a masseuse or a yoga instructor, it can also be booked.

With a crew of 30 staff members to serve you, at Ariara, your wishes do come true.

Rates start at SGD$683 per person per night when the island is fully occupied and increase for smaller groups.

Private islands in Southeast Asia: Isle des Indies

"Isle des Indies"

Isle des Indies

Isle des Indies is a lost paradise, a place where one goes to disconnect an get lost. Located four hours by vintage sailing boat from Jakarta Isle des Indies is the jewel of Indonesia’s Thousand Islands, in the Java Sea. Isla des Indies is a private island measuring just one hectare that can accommodate up to 8 guests only and when you book it, you book the entire space. There are three buildings hosting the rooms.

"Isle des Indies"

Isle des Indies

The Main Joglo hosts two bedrooms and is a heritage hand crafted building made in Jakarta and disassembled piece by piece to bring it to the island. It is a beautiful piece of art worth admiring under the starry night. The Guest House is a beautiful Malay house on short stilts located on the beach. All the rooms in these two buildings have teak four poster beds. The last room is a tree house designed for the older children or teenagers. It is a Balinese Lumbung, originally used to store rice, and hosts a double bed up in the foliage.

Rates start at SGD$2948 for the whole island for 8 people per night.

Private islands in Southeast Asia: Nikoi



Nikoi island is located on the northern part of Bintan and is accessible through the Bintan Lagoon Resort ferry terminal followed by an hour drive and a short boat ride. The island is composed of several villas along the beach, secluded from the rest, and a tropical jungle core. The main beach area is also home to the bar and dining area where the sunsets are spectacular. Villas are in two storeys with a balcony facing the sea and mosquito nets over the four poster beds. There is no AC, not that you will need it as the sea breeze will serenade your evenings.

"Nikoi private islands in southeast asia"


Design is rustic but luxurious, well appointed and finished and there are some thoughtful elements dotting the property, like a swing hanging from a tree in front of the sea. The resort is family friendly so couples might find it overwhelming to spend time by the pool where several other children may be running and playing but the beach is quieter as are the private villas where neighbours are not to be heard.

Nikoi is not cheap. Rates start at almost $500 without meals which are mandatory and add an additional $120 per person. Transport is also not included.

Private islands in Southeast Asia: Amanwana

"Amanwana tented villa, private islands in southeast asia"

Amanwana tented villa

Topping the list is ultra luxury Amanwana, in the Sea of Flores just a few kilometres from world famous Komodo National park. This Aman property is made of a permanent tented camp with all the luxuries of a brick and mortar hotel but with the idea lush tropical location by its private island.

From Amanwana guests can book the resort’s private traditional Indonesian boat to explore the area.

"Amanwana vessel"

Amanwana vessel

As Amanwana is incredibly remote, the only way to get there is on scheduled Transnusa flights thrice weekly in the high season and only twice weekly in the low season. But of course, given the cache of the resort, you can also arrive in style on the resort’s Fokker plane for the modest amount of $7,000 each way. Or if you like a combination of water and land, try the floatplane for a mere $5,500 each way. Talk about making an entrance.

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