5 Ways To Experience Japan Right Here in Singapore

5 Ways To Experience Japan Right Here in Singapore
December 04 11:28 2016

Are you curious about Japan or love the Japanese culture, but lack the time or money for a trip to Japan? Or have you been a few times and can’t wait to feel as if you were there while in Singapore?

Luckily for us, the love for Japan and Japanese culture is such that there are lots of ways to experience Japan in Singapore’s shores.

Don’t fret, here are 6 ways you can experience Japan without having to hop onto a flight.

1. Head to the Anime Festival

"6 Ways To Experience Japan in Singapore"

by Anime Festival Facebook

Anime has long been one of the most distinct components that make up the Japanese culture. And from the love of anime comes cosplaying, where people dress up as their favourite anime characters. No longer just regulated to Japan, people from all over the world have started to take part in cosplaying as anime gains popularity.

Here in Singapore, join the annual Anime Festival with your best cosplay costume, or simply to admire cosplayers and to make new anime-loving friends. The festival will see special guests and performers like Yuzu Fujisaki, Matsushita, Real Akiba Boyz, PianoMinion and more making their appearance, so don’t forget to snap a picture.

P.S. Pokemon Go trainers, you could win prizes if you manage to snag a Pokemon in the area, so sharpen those Pokemon hunting skills!

Date: 25 to 27 November

Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Price: From S$13

2. Take a stroll at the Japanese Garden

"6 Ways To Experience Japan in Singapore"

by DaronDierkes, en.wikipedia

The Japanese Garden would certainly come to mind when you’re thinking of a place in Singapore that gives you a taste of Japan. What about dressing as you would in Japan’s springtime and heading there for some photo ops?

You won’t be the only one, the gardens are a popular location for photo shots, wedding shots, Instagram shoots and even just lovers and families taking photos.

The picturesque garden is home to a variety of flora and fauna, and most of all, a distinctly Japanese design that was inspired by Japan’s Muromachi and Azuchi–Momoyama period. Traditional bridges and rest houses dot the area, and there is also a Turtle & Tortoise Museum within the grounds of this garden as well.

Don’t miss the chance to travel from Japan to China as the the Japanese Garden is connected to the Chinese Garden with the photo-worthy Bridge of Double Beauty.

Address: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795

Free entry

3. Explore Japanese theatre, music, and anime

"6 Ways To Experience Japan in Singapore"

by Esplanade.com

The Esplanade is bringing Japanese arts to our shores with Super Japan- Japanese Festival of Arts. Highlights include the theatrical production, Himiko: Memories of the Sun Goddess. A collaboration between distinguished Japanese musicians and western classical musicians from Singapore, it will tell the “reimagined legend of Himiko as the enigmatic avatar of the sun goddess”, through a captivating music and dance experience.

Jazz lovers wouldn’t want to miss out on the celebration of Tokyo’s largest jazz festival that will come to Singapore, featuring performances by musicians from fox capture plan, ADAM at, Schroeder-Headz, and PRIMITIVE ART ORCHESTRA.

Some of these musicians will also be playing for the Silent Anime meets Piano, a production that is sure to intrigue anime fanatics. It will feature works by pioneering Japanese animators, with live solo piano accompaniment.

Venue: Esplanade

Visit their website for more details.

4. Go on a hunt for Japanese snacks and delicacies

"6 Ways To Experience Japan in Singapore"

by Emporium Shokuhin Facebook

There are more Japanese food stores here in Singapore than you might think. First off, the more well-known places to shop for Japanese treats include the food halls of Takashimaya and Jurong Point, where you can go on a walking food tour of Japanese cuisine.

That aside, you can head to Sakuraya Fish Mart for fresh Japanese seafood, including live king crabs that are specially air-flown from Hokkaido. You can also try out the takoyaki, ramen, and sushi while you’re there.

Another stop for Japanese food is Emporium Shokuhin, with Singapore’s first live and chilled seafood market, which is probably the closest you can get to a real Japanese market experience. They also have a gourmet section where you can explore aisles of Japanese seafood, fruits, sauces, condiments and more.

And for Japanese snacks and other goodies, Meidi-Ya has got you covered with pretty much every Japanese treat you could want!

5. Have a purr-fect afternoon with cute kitties

"6 Ways To Experience Japan in Singapore"

by Cat Cafe

Cat lovers would squeal over the cute fluffballs at Neko No Niwa, a Japanese cat cafe located along Boat Quay. Aside from being Singapore’s first cat cafe, their claim to fame is, unsurprisingly, the adorable cats that they keep.

Dedicated to giving abandoned and stray cats a home, the cafe has numerous fluffy companions for visitors. The team at Neko No Niwa clearly loves their feline friends- they have even profiled each of their cats’ personalities on their website. From the attention-seeking Kai Kai, to the highly athletic Skittles, to the head-butting Baloo, pop by this charming cafe for a drink and some cuddling.

Plus, they even have cat yoga events for those who need a little healing and relaxation- check out their Facebook page for details!

Address: 54A Boat Quay Singapore

Price: From S$12 for the first hour

You may not be able to visit Japan yet, but until that day, here’s a video of beautiful Niseko in Japan.

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