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Parks and Nature

10 Spots to see wildlife in Singapore 0

As the skyline of Singapore grows, we shouldn’t forget that this island still hosts plenty of wildlife. Here are great spots to see wildlife in Singapore!

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Guide: Pulau Ubin, Singapore’s favourite island 1

Just $3 and 10 minutes takes you to a land of Kampongs and dirt tracks- a picture of what Singapore was like before it became a city. Accessible, cheap and peaceful, Pulau Ubin is a favourite amongst many Singaporeans- and with us!

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Guide to the North Eastern Riverine Loop Singapore 1

The North Eastern Riverine Loop in Punggol may seem far for some, but it is an ideal place to escape the bustle of city life with its stunning views.

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5 places to go camping in Singapore for free 5

Camping in Singapore has grown in popularity. We tried it and will sing the praises of anything that wakes us up to the sound of nature, for free!

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The Southern Ridges 1

Go for a leisurely outdoor trek along the Southern Ridges- an incredible 10km stretch of natural trails and man-made bridges in the South of Singapore.

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