Cure your Hangover at these great places in Singapore

Cure your Hangover at these great places in Singapore
November 27 07:08 2016

You were having so much fun and you didn’t feel tipsy at all? Yes, I heard that before – but what now? Forget about painkillers and vitamin drinks and get on with these fantastic hangover cures.

Healthy (Greasy) Brunch


While you probably think that a healthy breakfast will better your chances of surviving your hangover, healthy food won’t actually have an effect on your body. Greasy food on the other hand will help your body absorb the alcohol. A greasy brunch can also be a comforting meal, making you feel better in your own skin. GRUB in Bishan Park is ideal for such purposes, as their menu not only includes burgers and salted egg chicken wings, but also pasta dishes and all kinds of deep fried appetisers. Go on, you’ve earned it!

Keep on going

MacRitchie Trail

One thing that we unconsciously do when experiencing a hangover is keep busy. Having something physical to do often helps us forget the struggle in our bodies. A change of scenery aids this process even further. Head out to MacRitchie Reservoir and just follow the trail. Walking for kilometres on end with a very distant goal while having nature passing by will keep your mind occupied. Keep yourself hydrated and you will have overcome the worst after completing a long good walk.

If you enjoyed MacRitchie, you’ll love The Southern Ridges and the North Eastern Riverine Loop!

More Drinks

The Hangar

Waking up with a hangover, you probably don’t want another drink just yet. However, the pain you are experiencing in the form of a hangover is actually caused by withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. While having another drink for your hangover brunch will theoretically delay the effects you are experiencing, it also eases the pain. It won’t make your hangover disappear, but it will smoothen the process. Sitting just outside The Hangar on Arab Street might be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Just put your sunglasses on and nobody will have an idea what happened last night.

Sweat it out?

Virgin Active Gym

This option might not immediately come to mind when you wake up and your head is ringing, but going straight for a proper workout offers double benefits. You will not only do something for your fitness and get rid of the calories that were hidden in your drinks, but you will also ease the pain. Although the ‘sweat it out’ idea isn’t entirely true, as your body takes time to process alcohol, the exercise will release endorphins, which in return will better your mood and help cope with the pain. The Virgin Active Gym has plenty of equipment to keep you entertained.

Steady day


If you really can’t get yourself to do any of the activities mentioned above, you can just head to the next cinema and watch one or even two of the latest films. The benefits are clear, as your mind will be taken off your own thoughts, you can also stuff yourself with greasy comfort foods at Gold Class. The cinema seems like a good choice, as the sunlight might simply be too intense for the day. Just keep on watching until it is dark again and the result… the day will be over! For an even lazier day, just stay in and order Deliveroo or McDonalds. Yes, we said that, but we will forever deny suggesting it!

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