Free flow champagne at Shangri-La Singapore

Free flow champagne at Shangri-La Singapore
June 03 08:00 2016

Arrival at the Shangri-La Singapore

"Shangri-La Singapore, luxury, hotel, review"

The grand entrance to the Valley Wing

Our taxi dropped us at the main entrance of the Shangri-La Orchard, and we made our way to the gentleman tending the reception. Once we mentioned the Valley Wing, his smile brightened.

He guided us through corridors, hanging passages and gold elevators. Reaching our destination, we took a seat and were immediately presented with a glass of champagne. We completed our electronic check in at the reception, signing their electronic pad.

The amenities of the Valley Wing

We received our keys and a sheet of paper that informed us of the lobby’s services. Breakfast was served till 11am in the Summit Room, a grand space with circular walls and garden views. Once the morning was over, savoury snacks would be presented till 2pm, when teatime begins. At 5pm, the selection would move to serving canapés and drinks. Champagne is available throughout.
Tea was an expected selection of fruit tarts, macaroons and sandwiches filled with smoked salmon, egg and cucumber. The sandwiches were delicious, better in quality than the sweets. Although I came with company, we were sadly given only one serving of both the cakes and the canapés.

Unfortunately, initiative wasn’t found in the lobby’s service staff. We continuously called them over whenever a refill of drinks or food was needed, with no one informing us of the afternoon buffet spread available to us.

As the lobby is uncomfortably cold, we decide to sit in the beautifully lush garden. However, none of the waiters offers any guest food or drinks. Water was asked for and given but never refilled.

As the lobby is very cold with the usual Singaporean AC at full speed we decide to sit in the outside garden, more pleasant and lush and not a single waiter comes out to serve any of the guests once. By the time we leave almost at 7pm the rest of the guests have not got a single drink.

Surprisingly, we were unable to see a list of the available teas- even during teatime. When I asked for non caffeinated tea options, the waitress wrongly suggests green tea after only suggesting chamomile.

Internet is free both in the room and in the lobby.

The Room at the Shangri-La Singapore

"Shangri-La Singapore, luxury, hotel, review"

Room at the Shangri-La Singapore

The thoughtful details with the guest’s needs in mind made this room one of the best I’ve ever stayed in. The 12th floor gifted us with unobstructed views of the city, amenities were luxurious with designer furniture decorating the room. Two queen beds put together made one large mattress of rest. The desk was full of stationary I often needed but was usually not provided. This included staplers, paper clips, glue and a pair of scissors. The minibar was stocked and tastefully organised, the fridge included a small bottle of Veuve Clicquot. The delicate china was designed with gold and blue tones, matching the rest of the wing. Tea bags of a wide selection was available to us, along with an espresso machine and three kinds of capsules.

The bathroom is modern and well thought through. The bathtub could fit two and came with a neck pillow to ensure full comfort after a long day. A TV mounted on the wall completed the scene. L’Occitane amenities were always replenished before they ran out, and the bathroom had a door that properly closed- a feature not necessary in every hotel. The mirrors did not fog after a hot shower, and the large towels never left a trace of fluff.

A personal amenity kit was a wonderful surprise. I received lipbalm, a small tube of hand cream, a pair of stockings and a pair of business socks for men. I was blown away by the effort given by the Shangri-La.

A classy wooden box was found in the dressing room, chock full of everything needed to care for your shoes.

"Shangri-La Singapore, luxury, hotel, review"

TV in the bathroom

The dressing table was equipped with a large and a small mirror, perfect for two sharing a room. Magazines were available as well, we had the Singapore Tattler, Wine & Dine and Affluent.

The room had a fantastic sound system that was simple to use, just plug the cable into your iPhone! The electrically operated lights and curtains could be controlled from the panel by the side of the bed. Everything was labelled clearly, preventing the usual experimenting between light and switch. The curtains drew themselves!

Everything that could be branded, was branded with the signature VW.

Facilities at the Shangri-La Singapore

Unfortunately the level of detail that went into the rooms did not reach the common pool area. The Valley Wing shares the pool with patrons from the entire hotel, clearly catering to many families.

Children were running around the pool and screaming, making relaxing amongst the greenery a little difficult. Sun beds facing the Valley Wing were available for use, seemingly to cater to older couples. The majority of the clientele seemed to consist of families. Sadly, the noise from the many children made a relaxing time by the pool quite impossible.

Breakfast at the Shangri-La Singapore

"Shangri-La Singapore, luxury, hotel, review"

A red breakfast

Breakfast was served at the Summit Room, opened only to those staying in the Valley Wing. We were there for an hour, and it was consistently full. Some guests had to wait for a table.

A vast selection of fresh fruit was accompanied with a selection of premium nuts, cereals, bread and pastries. The spread was elegantly arranged, as if by a creative designer.

The buffet spread included a large selection of fresh fruit including the elusive blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, so uncommon at hotel buffets. There was a large selection of premium nuts, cereals and lots of bread and pastries to choose from. The quality was also of high standards. As opposed to most buffets the spread was very pretty to look at, as if it had been prepared by a creative designer.

We were also presented with an a la carte menu of cooked breakfasts inspired by dishes all over the region. Whether you desired Japanese, Malay, Singaporean, Indian or otherwise, there was a high chance it was offered. Food and drink were as beautifully presented as the hotel was designed. Waiters were dressed in full attire.

Unfortunately, the coffee and tea were a letdown. Although served in a pretty teapot, the tea was too weak with only one teabag in it. We requested for another to be added.

The verdict

A night in the Deluxe Room at the Valley Wing costs an estimated SGS670 per night. This is similar to the prices offered at the Raffles and the Capella. With this considered, the Valley Wing is only worth it if you enjoy spending most of your time in the lounge. Unfortunately in this case, you would also be chasing waiters for food. If you desire a pool to spend your afternoons in, this isn’t a good choice as well. The benefits enjoyed by visitors of the Valley Wing does does not stretch to the poolside, which is a shame.

Although the room by far exceeded my expectations, I would prefer to spend the same amount on another hotel. Singapore definitely has a myriad of luxurious options to choose from!

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