7 Interesting classes in Singapore

7 Interesting classes in Singapore
August 05 10:16 2016

Singapore offers a bevy of classes designed to improve your skills and stamina. If you’re looking for something beyond the tried and tested, there are a variety of interesting classes guaranteed to pique your interest!

Bubble Soccer with Cohesion Singapore

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Fun, fast and (surprisingly) strenuous, Bubble Soccer has been growing in popularity around the world. Brought here by Cohesion Singapore, Bubble Soccer Singapore conducts the sport with quality and safety as top priority. We were lucky enough to also have a go at Archery Tag, another game offered by Cohesion. The unique activities conducted by Cohesion go beyond novelty. Facilitators keep games lively with a slew of opportunities to learn from, and above all- to have great fun with!

Tahitian Dance with Ori Tahiti in Singapore

Heiata Lee-Dupuich, the founder of Ori Tahiti Singapore, taught Tahitian dance hoping to spread her love for Polynesian culture. The graceful movements require strength and control, with your hips doing a lot of the talking. Suitable for dancers of all ages, Tahitian dance sings of Polynesian culture through movement. This beautiful workout is definitely one to be shared- perfect for some girl time!

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Krav Maga with Protect SG

Protect SG specialises in Krav Maga, a self defence system created for the Israel Defence Forces. Since its establishment in 2009, over a thousand individuals and multiple organisations have been trained by their qualified instructors. Our friendly instructor conducted our class at a challenging yet achievable pace- not compromising on the fun! Just one class with Protect SG, you’ll walk out feeling ready for anything.

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Aerial Yoga with Simply Yoga

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Singapore’s love for Yoga is no secret, but how about enjoying the same benefits with a twist? Since 2013, Simply Yoga has offered specialised Yoga and Aerial Arts classes at their studio in Katong. Yoga poses are performed with strong silks for support, strengthening your core without any pressure on your joints. Put aside any fear of falling, Simply Yoga has your back- and legs and shoulders.

Lightsaber Duelling with The Saber Authority

The Saber Authority began in 2014, creating a Combat Saber System based on Asian Martial Arts. Classes are full of quick footwork and glowing movements, lightsabers are custom made and imported from the US. Its not all fun and games, the academy seeks to equip duellers with skills and instincts useful in situations that require self defence. Sessions end with highly anticipated duels- a thrilling half a minute to use what you have learned! The Force Academy is a joy to train under, a dream come true for the aspiring Jedi.

Mermaiding with Singapore’s Mermaid School

It’s a common dream to be as beautiful as Ariel in the water, gracefully exploring the sea with a shining tail instead of legs. Now that Singapore has its first mermaid school, you can! Beginning as a mermaid performer, Syrena has created Singapore’s First Mermaid Pod, following a unique syllabus that includes mermaid mythology. As long as you can swim independently and tread water for at least 20 seconds, you’re welcome to enrol.  With its combination of fantasy and fitness, Syrena’s mermaid school feels like playtime with friends- with a little magic.

Baking Bread with Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School

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With courses that cater to bakers of any level, classes at Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School are deliciously engaging. Founder Dean Brettschneider led our Basic Bread Baking course, guiding us through the theory and process of baking a perfect loaf. Generous with an endless amount of tips and tricks, Dean includes a tasty meal with beverage pairings in his classes- exquisite! Armed with a fresh loaf and new skills, we went home full and satisfied.

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