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4 day Mauritius itinerary with beautiful beaches and hikes

4 day Mauritius itinerary with beautiful beaches and hikes

Mauritius, home to the famous dodo bird, is a small island nation off the southern coast of Africa. Formerly a Dutch, French and British colony, Mauritius gained independence in 1968. It has a population of 1.2 million spanning over 2,000 square kilometers, making it the densest population in Africa. Mauritians are a multiethnic blend of immigrants from India, African, France and China. All locals speak English, French and Mauritian creole, switching between languages based on the formality of the situation. Like Singapore, Mauritius is a unique blend of different cultures that over time, formed its own unique identity.

Fertile volcanic soil has allowed for a wide variety of crops to grow in Mauritius. When travelling around the island, you will find plantations of mangoes, pineapples, vanilla, coffee, tea, sugarcane and tobacco. Sugarcane, their highest produced crop, has led to many rum commercial and artisanal distilleries popping up over the last decade. Mauritians are proud of their rum, it is served at every restaurant and almost every home in the country.

As an island, Mauritius has numerous picturesque white sandy beaches but what many do not know is that it also has several breath-taking mountains that were once part of an ancient crater. Here’s how you can conquer both land and sea in 4 days.

Day 0 Arrival and settling

7.30 pm Landing and dinner

As you land in the evening, it would be best to organise transport from the hotel in advance. There are also taxis as soon as you land, but often cost $20-$40 more.

After you get settled in, look out for any restaurant near your hotel. You may want a quiet night after the flight, in which case you can head to neighbouring restaurants if the menu at the hotel doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Most hotels in Mauritius have a private beach, so prepare yourself for the next few days of relaxing and sipping on a cocktail at your hotel. Be sure to order something with rum! Mauritians are famous for producing rum of every type.

Day 1: Ile des Deux Cocos

Hotels provide a great breakfast spread, even villas are likely to provide you with a small basket of pastries usually consisting of buttery flaky French pastries.

9am: Pick up

Get picked up from your hotel by car, head to Blue Bay, where you will get on a boat to Ile des Deux Cocos (Island of coconuts). This island is 252 square metres and has been rated one of the world’s best private islands.

Besides a small villa for guests to stay overnight, the rest of the island is covered by native woodlands and white sand. You can walk around the island, find a spot to lounge at, and you are almost guaranteed not to see a single person for the entire day, perfect for those who want a getaway.

The villa itself was first built in the 1920s and has since been restored with a blend of Moorish and British architecture. This island is pure luxury, and not many people know about it because it is privately owned. Organise this tour weeks in advance as you will not be allowed to lounge unless you have a booking.

You will arrive at 10.30am and be greeted with a breakfast cocktail. From then on you can walk around the island, which has one of the whitest sands in Mauritius. A scrumptious buffet is served with fresh barbecued seafood at around noon. Enjoy this with unlimited cocktails. My favourites were the local creole dishes, they were full of flavour and are nothing like I have ever tried.

In the afternoon, go out for a snorkel and a glass bottom boat ride. There are boats taking guests out every hour. If you are lucky, you might see a sea turtle!

Back on firm land, lounge on the sunbeds and enjoy the beautiful island while sipping on more cocktails. You will watch the sunset as you head back to Blue Bay, where you will then be dropped off at your hotel.

7pm: dinner at Le Capitaine

The food is exquisite, service impeccable and the restaurant has breathtaking views of Grand Baie. Grand Baie is a popular tourist destination overlooking the northwestern coast of Mauritius. Lights from clubs appear to glitter across the bay at night. Listen to waves lap across the shore, as you look out into the horizon.

Day 2 – Hike Le Morne Brabant

6-7am Pick up

Le Morne Brabant boasts one of the most spectacular views in Mauritius and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It overlooks the southwestern coast of the island. Le Morne is a must do because it holds historical significance for slavery and indenture. In the 19th century, many Mauritian slaves used Le Morne as a lookout point for despatches sent to capture them, and many made the choice of jumping off the mountain over slavery. At the base of the rock, there is a monument to commemorate those who had fallen.

The hike is a moderately hard one. You will need to use your hands to pull yourself up as you approach the top of Le Morne. The view is definitely worth the effort. At the peak, you will see the beautiful coastline of southern Mauritius. It is not to be done without a guide; Contact Yanature to organise a trained guide. Hikes start at 6 or 7am in the morning, and goes for 4 hours, so bring plenty of water and a snack. Wear non slip shoes (trainers will do) and carry insect repellent. Bring a light jacket during cooler the months of June – August.

11am: Have brunch at Le Fournil

They have heavenly pastries. Be sure to request for a local coffee. Mauritians grow their own coffee beans! Follow brunch with a massage at Ritual Spa

Have lunch at Sunset cafe. This cafe has a deck that overlooks Grand Baie. You will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the harbour, where boats sway gently in the pristine blue waters of the bay.

Afternoon: Shopping

Spend the rest of the afternoon shopping at Grand Baie Bazaar. Many of the souvenirs and products are made in Mauritius and often have the famous dodo bird motif on them. You will find anything from keychains, t-shirts and soft toys bearing the extinct dodo bird. Cashmere  scarves are produced in textile factories in Mauritius, before being shipped to Europe at upmarket prices. You will be able to find ones as cheap as 750MRU (30SGD). Be sure to bargain your way to a good price. You’ll also get to see the diversity of local produce at the markets. Vendors sell anything grown locally from vanilla beans to lychees.

7pm: Dinner at L’Espadon

This is a family-owned restaurant with fresh seafood in generous portions.

Day 3: Ile aux Cerfs

9am: Pick up

Get picked up from your hotel and head to the village of Trou D’eau Douce. From there you will be dropped at Ile aux Cerfs. Ile aux Cerfs translates to deer island. While there are no longer deer on the island, it is popular among tourists as it is easy to get to, affordable, and filled with many fun activities like parasailing, underwater walking and tube rides. This tour should be booked in advance to ensure you have a spot on the boat. Try Ebrahim Tours.

There is plenty to do on this island. You can explore the native woodlands, bird watch or visit the shops for souvenir hunting and bars for cocktails. Relax on the sandy beach or enjoy some of the many water sports they offer. Parasailing is a favourite, and provides picturesque views of the reef against Mauritian mountains.

12pm: Grand River South East Waterfalls

At around noon your boat will take you to Grand River South East (GRSE) Waterfalls, where you may be able to spot some monkeys and even the elusive white-tailed tropicbird. Bring a cover up as it gets hot in the afternoons. It is fairly windy during the cooler months of June- August so be sure to bring a shawl or jacket. Lunch will be a scrumptious BBQ lunch and free flow drinks at Ile de L’ Est. Following lunch, there will be a performance of dance and music for you to enjoy.

You will be able to spend time relaxing in the crystal clear waters of Ile de L’ Est lagoon after lunch. Your boat will depart back to mainland at around 4.30pm.

7pm: Dinner at the Banana Beach Club

The Banana Beach Club is the place to be, with both locals and tourists flocking here on every night of the week. Have dinner at their fine dining restaurant, where you’ll have the option of American or Mauritian cuisine. There is a live band every night, with a variety of jazz, funk and soul. You’ll feel relaxed after having a few cocktails in their outdoor area that has a large banana tree to add to the beach vibes. Attentive waiters never leave your glass empty, so you’ll be up for dancing as the night goes on.

Day 4 – Tamarind Falls hike

7.30am: Breakfast at hotel

You will start your hike from Tamarind Falls at around 9am. You cannot go alone and should get a guide. Try Raj Adventures. You will be able to take a swim at the 3rd or 4th waterfall stop, or dip your toes in the water for a natural exfoliation by little fish so bring our swim suit.

Lunch will be served at around 1pm and will consist of a local picnic brought by Raj and taken by the falls.

4pm: Back and pack

You will be back at your hotel by around 4pm, right on time to shower, pack and go to the airport to catch the 8.40pm flight back.

If you’re heading to Africa, we highly suggest giving Djibouti a try for a truly off the beaten track experience. 

Places to Stay in Mauritius

As Mauritius is a popular tourist destination, be sure to book your hotel well in advance.


Be Cosy Apart Hotel

With a modern design, Be Cosy Apart Hotel makes your stay feel luxurious without the hefty price tag.

Price range: SGD 95-120

Address: Choisy Road, Poste de Flacq, Mauritius


Athena Villas by Evaco Holiday Resorts

Athena Villas is in Grand Baie, making it very convenient to access shops, restaurants and the bustling night life. All villas have a private pool, making it ideal for honeymooners who want a little privacy.

Price range: SGD 200-300

Address: Chemin 20 Pieds, Pereybere, Mauritius


Constance Le Prince Maurice

A secluded and intimate setting. It has an infinity pool, Be sure to have dinner at their floating bar over sunset. If you are a connoisseur of wine, request a tour of their cellar. Their wines have made the Best Hotel Wine List in Middle East and Africa.

Price range: SGD 830-1,150

Address: Coastal Road, Trou aux Biches, Mauritius


Air Mauritius provides direct flights from Singapore 3-4 days a week. You will catch the afternoon flight and arrive Mauritius in the evening (6.45pm). Best is to fly in on Thursday and return to Singapore on Monday. Prices are $500 upward. Try to get a window seat as the view flying into the airport is not to be missed

Other important notes

  • Taxis are easily available, however be cautious. Do not get into a taxi if there is already a passenger in it, even if they claim that your destination is on the way.
  • Ensure the taxi has a meter before getting in the car. Always set a price before getting in.
  • Cars may stop to ask you for a lift. Always decline.
  • Scarfs/sarongs are not provided in certain temples. Bring a sarong to cover up.
  • If renting a car, be wary of the routes you take as many streets still do not have names. A local guide or driver would save you plenty of time on navigating.

What to pack

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Insect repellent
  • Scarf to cover up at religious sites
  • Sturdy shoes for hiking
  • Small backpack for hiking

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