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An eco-luxury weekend at Pangulasian Island

An eco-luxury weekend at Pangulasian Island

The Philippines is famous for its nature, pristine beaches, and crystal clear sea. Add to this natural paradise a five star beach bungalow, private pool and exclusive activities for the ultimate luxurious holiday. If this sounds like your perfect weekend getaway, you must  travel to Pangulasian Island in the Philippines.

This tiny gorgeous island is located at Bacuit Bay, in the Palawan archipelago, south of Philippines. Everything in the trip is about luxury and exclusivity. You must fly in a 50-seater airplane, take a private boat to a private white sand beach, and stay in an eco-friendly resort with only 42 rooms that is perfect for those who prefer responsible travel. Be prepared for sunny days, water activities, magical sunsets, and heavenly massages.

There is only one resort at Pangalusian Island, and all the activities are organized by their expert team. From the moment you book your room you can choose what type of experience you want to have. Your stay at El Nido Pangulasian Island Resort will be tailor made, organised exclusively for your taste and needs.

Day 1 to Pangulasian Island, Philippines

Singapore to Manila

Fly from Singapore to Manila and spend the night at the Philippines capital city. Stay close to the airport, so in the following morning it will be easy to reach the airport.

Day 2 in Pangulasian Island, Philippines

Discovering Pangulasian Island

Wake up early and catch the flight to El Nido at 6:30am from the Terminal 4 of Manila Domestic Airport. The airline has a small lounge with coffee, tea and morning snacks. It’s a small aircraft and the boarding procedure is fast and easy. You will arrive in El Nido airport by 7:30am, at the terminal you will be greeted with music, local sweets and the staff from the El Nido Resort. In a few minutes you will be on the boat sailing through limestone cliffs, green islands, and deep blue sea.

The hotel check in will happen around 9:30 am, the staff will explain the resort features, the environmental policies, and all the details about your stay and activities. The first day in Palawan is dedicated to relax. You can enjoy the big pool by the white sand beach, sunbath in front of your private bungalow, or even test your balance doing stand up paddle on the resort’s private beach.

Have lunch at the pool restaurant and try the Chicken Adobo, a traditional Filipino dish. At 5 pm board on a sunset cruise and be prepared to witness a stunning spectacle. At 7pm you will be back to the hotel for dinner, followed by a scented oil massage in your room.

Day 3 in Pangulasian Island, Philippines

Water Activities

The second day in Bacuit Bay is dedicated to water activities. During the morning go on the Lagoon Tour, sail in the pristine lagoons trapped between the limestone cliffs, and go with a kayak to some hidden and small pools where the boats can’t reach.

Have lunch at Entalula Island, another property of El Nido Resorts that are exclusively used for lunch and dining experience. Palm fringed beach, warm water, and fresh seafood. After lunch relax on the boat while hopping between the secluded islands of Bacuit Bay. You will pass by caves, enormous rocky cliffs and will stop by the famous Snake Island for a refreshing swim and a pleasant walk to the view point.  

Sail back to the resort before sunset and prepare yourself for a candlelight dinner served by the beach.  

Day 4 in Pangulasian Island, Philippines

Swimming with Sharks and Relaxing in Pangulasian Island

Wake up at 6 am and be ready to snorkel with sharks. At 6:30 am the boat leaves the resort to a natural reef off the island. Jump in the water and wait for the black tip sharks, you will be amazed by the underwater life and the amount of sharks you can spot swimming free around the Bacuit Bay.

At 8am is breakfast time, and then you can relax and recharge your batteries. You will have till 1pm to enjoy the resort, sunbathe by the pool or enjoy one of the signature treatments at the spa.

Have lunch and be ready for the check out. At 2 pm the transfer will take you to El Nido airport. The flight departures at 4 pm, and by 8 pm you will be boarding to Singapore. Or you can sleep one more night in Manila and catch an early flight back to Singapore.

How to choose the best room

The basic room at Pangulasian resort is already a luxurious room. Clean and beach decor gives you the right balance between luxury and nature.  All the rooms in the resort have the save size and style, the difference is the location and the private pool.

Beach Villa  – For those who want to stay right on the beach.
Canopy Villa – The best views of the island.
Pool Villa – Your private 22 sqm swimming pool.
Kalaw Villa – A group of 4 villas with a private pool and gathering area, perfect for a friends reunion.

Hotel recommendations near Manila’s Airport:

Manila Marriott Hotel – Rates starting at SGD 263.
Remington Hotel  – Rates starting at SGD 99.
DG Budget Hotel – Rates starting at SGD 38.

Getting to Pangulasian Island, Philippines

The first leg of the trip, Singapore – Manila, is served by several airlines including Tiger Air and Singapore Airlines.

To access Pangulasian Island you need to fly to the small airport of El Nido, one of the most tropical and paradisiac runaways in the world. The flight from Manila to El Nido takes about 55 minutes, Air Swift is the only option on this route and offers 3 flights per day. As it’s a small aircraft, the baggage allowance differs from other airline companies, don’t forget to check the size and weight of your bags before heading to the airport.

Inform to the hotel your time of arrival, they will pick you up at the airport and smoothly sail to Pangulasian Island. On the way to the resort you will be introduced to the beauty of Palawan, and that is only a small fraction of all the stunning islets, limestone cliffs and beaches you gonna see during this trip.

Getting Around Bacuit Bay, Philippines

All the transportation around Pangulasian Island is made by boat, and you can arrange all the transfers with the resort reception. But the truth is that there is no need to leave the island. All the activities around Pangulasian and El Nido are already organized with boat transfer, and the resort is so comfortable and so beautiful that you might want to stay there forever.

Eating at Pangulasian Island, Philippines

The restaurant at Pangulasian Resort is ready to serve Filipino recipes, international dishes and a fusion of flavours. Breakfast is served on the main building of the resort. Dinner and daily snacks can be ordered on the main restaurant or by the pool. You don’t need to worry about cravings and small nibbles, in your room you will have an espresso machine, tea bags, banana chips and cookies refilled every day, plus a selection of drinks and snacks from the mini bar.

Water is free! In you room you will find an aluminium bottle that you can carry with you and fill it up in many water station spread through the island. At the end of your journey the water bottle is a little souvenir you can take home.

Things to know about Pangulasian Island

The paradise is not perfect and all the untouched nature comes with an itchy price. Sandflies are the only problem of Palawan, so don’t forget to bring your mosquito repellent and maybe an after bite lotion.

As the El Nido Resorts are eco-friendly properties and they do a serious work to preserve the nature in the archipelago, plastic bottles are not permitted on the island, neither products that come in small plastic pouches, known in the Philippines as sachets. Your bags will be inspected when you arrive in the resort and any plastic container will be kept by the hotel management and give back to you  on the checkout.

Don’t feed the wild animals on the island, you might have an afternoon encounter with a monitor lizard, a monkey or exotic birds, don’t feed and don’t touch them. Only admire the nature on it’s pure and preserved form.

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