Do your part for the environment with these NGOs in Southeast Asia

Do your part for the environment with these NGOs in Southeast Asia
November 04 07:59 2016

With the urban world rapidly developing, care and concern for the environment has become more important than ever. We were happy to know that there are many organisations dedicated to conserving the environment and its wildlife, and the best part is- anyone can contribute! Here’s our inspiring list of NGOs in Southeast Asia doing their best for the world we live in.

WildLife Alliance (Cambodia)

Wildlife Alliance is a wildlife and forest conservation organisation based in Cambodia, New York and Australia. Dedicated to protecting endangered forests and wild animals, the team makes direct impact with their programs. You too can play a part by sponsoring an animal or by booking a tour. Their latest achievement to date is celebrating a decade without elephant poaching in Cardamom Rainforest– fantastic!

GreenPeace South East Asia

The ideals for Greenpeace are ambitious, and inspiringly so. The independent global campaigning organisation strives to protect and sustain our environment, and to evoke change in negative behaviour by promoting peace between nature and mankind. You can contribute to their consistent call for action in many ways, start here to find one suitable for you.

Malaysian Wildlife

Malaysian Wildlife is a social enterprise that operates on the ‘Planet, People, Profit’ principle created by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. This ensures that the needs of the environment, local communities and businesses are properly considered when conservation programs are conducted. There are multiple options for you to get involved, both with donations and with your time.

Haribon Foundation

Founded in 1972, the Haribon Foundation is Philippines’ first environmental organisation dedicated to conserving nature. The foundation works towards developing sustainable resource management strategies with government officials. They also take action in environment protection with scientific excellence and by empowering the community. Join them in their tree planting events!

Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society (SWCS)

The Saban Wetlands Conversation Society strives to conduct conservation and sustainable management of all the wetlands in Sabah through education, research and advocacy. Previously considered wastelands, the significant positive effects of wetland ecosystems are gradually being recognised with their efforts. Join their many programs or volunteer!

These social enterprises in Singapore are doing their part as well- through food!

PM Haze

Nobody likes the haze in Singapore! Thankfully, this great team of individuals believes that this issue can be stopped if the public is aware of the values, knowledge and means to end it. PM Haze even conducts workshops in schools to educate the youth on the problem and how to make a difference. You can volunteer and keep up with their events here– your lungs will thank you!

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

"environment, good, singaporenbeyond, nonprofit"Although orangutans are protected by law in Indonesia and Malaysia, the World Conservation Union has categorised the Bornean orangutan as Endangered, and the Sumatran orangutan as Critically Endangered. In response, the Ministry of Forestry in Indonesia signed the National Strategy and Action Plan for Orangutan Conservation. Activities and conservation efforts by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is based on this plan, in the hope of preserving this beautiful species with help from the community. How about doing your part by adopting an orangutan?

Fuze Ecoteer

With programs in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, Fuze Ecoteer strives to provide participants with an experience that benefits both the local community and the surrounding environment. Their varied programs include team building activities, school expeditions, conservation projects and adventure camps– perfect for children! Be prepared to learn alongside an awesome team, you’ll have a blast.

What else can you do in Southeast Asia? Rejuvenate with a detox getaway!

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