What makes Singapore great

What makes Singapore great
May 11 10:43 2016

Singapore isn’t just generating millionaires, but also a leading inspiration in many other aspects of life. From a ‘City in a Garden’ to religious harmony- the world can learn a lot from our island-state.

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Singapore at night – by Nicolas Lannuzel

Religious Harmony

Although there have been religious tension in the past, contemporary Singapore offers religious freedom and harmony. According to an IPS survey (source: http://lkyspp2.nus.edu.sg/ips/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/04/CNA-IPS-survey-on-race-relations_190816.pdf – original link broken), 95.9% believe that Singapore’s different races live in religious harmony.

It isn’t uncommon to find a mosque, church, Buddhist and Hindu temple in the same neighbourhood with their worshippers eating in the same food court. When it comes to religious freedom, Singapore is definitely a leading example.

Park Connectors

Distributed all across the city, most people don’t even realise the interconnectivity of Singapore’s parks. Did you know that you can walk, run, or cycle from Changi Airport all the way to the city centre? From there, you can then get to the heart of Singapore without having to use any roads! Singapore’s park connectors are a true blessing for nature and sport enthusiasts. Why not use these connectors to get to one of Singapore’s parks- for some camping

Lack of Bureaucracy

Having lived in over half a dozen countries, I can safely say that Singapore is one of the most efficient and un-bureaucratic places in the world. The paperless convenience ranges from visa applications and taxes to business matters. Singapore’s conductive pro-business environment has been highlighted regularly, such as in 2012 when the country was named the world’s easiest place to do business.

Public transport

Although commuters were outraged when the MRT broke down for two hours, Singapore still has the most efficient, affordable, and best-connected public transport I have encountered. Singapore has proportionately the highest concentration of road and rail transport, according to the Singapore Land Transport Statistics

It also has the world’s most awarded airport where you can get a massage, take a swim in a pool, enjoy outdoor parks, a butterfly garden, and even a good night sleep as sleeping at Singapore airport is possibly the best airport experience you can have.


You may find an occasional piece of litter on Singapore’s streets, but it won’t be long until it’s cleaned up. Horrendous fines and a conscious public also contribute to keeping our country clean and green for everyone! It makes the perfect environment for some of our recommended walking tours

City in a Garden

PM Lee Hsien Loong famously declared Singapore’s move from a ‘Garden City’ to a ‘City in a Garden’ at the opening of the Gardens by the Bay in 2012. No matter where you are in Singapore, lush greenery is always in sight. According to the Land Use Plan, 80% of the population live within a 10-minute walk to a park. By 2030 this number will be 85%.

Already when leaving Changi Airport, one is greeted with a green oasis that is covering the motorway. None of it is by chance, as Singapore’s government and the National Parks Board make a conscious effort to keep the city as green as possible.

Beautifully Designed Public Spaces

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Gardens by the Bay – Kai Lehmann

Marina Barrage, Helix Bridge, Gardens by the Bay and more- Singapore invests a great deal into public spaces. Created not only to function or as a place for respite, they also are made to be visually attractive and integrated. The newly redesigned Esplanade Park is a prime example of how design can encourage activity and better connectivity.

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Featured image by David Russo

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