The top places to sky dive in Asia including 10 countries

The top places to sky dive in Asia including 10 countries
July 15 10:41 2016

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Skydiving is on the bucket list of many and there is little doubt why. It truly is an adrenaline-pumping, once in a lifetime chance for us mortals to see the world we live in from a completely different perspective. Although the social media posts of our friends (or acquaintances) skydiving in places like New Zealand or Switzerland may lead to an existential crisis, what you may not know is that there are plenty of drop zones right in our backyard which are safe, offer amazing views and usually cost much less.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge but not willing to fly halfway across the world to do so, here are several places to go skydiving in Asia including 10 countries!

Map of companies that provide skydiving services in Asia

Best place to skydive in United Arab Emirates

Skydiving in Dubai

Dubai has quickly become one of the premier skydiving locations in the world, and also the place to sky dive in Asia.  The city jump is run by Skydive Dubai who offer a tandem skydive over the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago and arguably the most iconic of the Palm Islands. Free fall and witness the incredible Dubai skyline with a view of the palm tree-like Palm Jumeirah to boot. There are other courses offered by Skydive Dubai, especially for those who wish to learn how to skydive solo.

Did you know that you can even ski and stay in an overwater villa in Dubai? It really does have everything.

Viewing stylish Dubai from above comes at a price though – the tandem jump with stills and video start at SGD$730.

Where to stay in Dubai | Al Bustan Centre & Residence on Agoda | SG$80 | Tripadvisor 4.5*

Best places to skydive in Thailand

Skydiving in Pattaya, Thailand

Yes, Pattaya may be well-known for its wild nightlife but if you want to take a break from the partying, why not head to Nong Kho Reservoir to dive with Thai Sky Adventures? Take a 20-minute scenic ride up 13,000 feet and then free fall into the atmosphere for a minute before enjoying a 5-7 minute canopy ride where you get a bird’s eye view of beautiful Thailand. The instructors are professional, knowledgeable and friendly – sure to ease your pre-jump jitters!

TSA also offers pick-up and return from the drop zone so what are you waiting for? Rates for a tandem skydive start at SGD$417.

Where to stay in Pattaya | Le Viman Resort on Agoda | SG$55 | TripAdvisor 4.5*

Bangkok is also close by, so whether you’re planning a stag do, a couple’s getaway or you just want to shop till you drop, skydiving would be a great addition to your Bangkok trip!

Skydiving in Rayong

One of the best parts about going skydiving in Thailand is the over 300 days of great tropical weather. So if you plan your trip right, you’re almost guaranteed sunshine. Freefall Thailand is another company of experienced skydivers who want to push the sport in their country. They are hard-focused on creating a world-class dropzone and above all, they emphasise exceptional safety standards.

They are based along the coastal province of Rayong, 90 mins from Pattaya. And their service is top-notch, providing a free shuttle bus service for jumpers staying in downtown Pattaya. Freefall has also acquired their own private airfield with exclusive airspace. Take a jump and head over to the pristine Laem Mae Phim beach after, which is only a 10 minute ride away. While there are many places to go skydiving in Southeast Asia, this is one of the most beautiful places.

First time jumpers can expect to pay SG$530 when booking online. More rates here.

Where to stay in Rayong | Tree Roots Retreat on Agoda | SG$125 | TripAdvisor 5*

If you love adventure, here are exciting activities and places to go camping right here in Singapore!

Best places to skydive in Malaysia

Skydiving in Langkawi, Malaysia (closed until further notice)

Much closer to home, Skydive Langkawi offers Asia’s highest skydive and only island beach landing. Take off from Langkawi’s International Airport, fly over the most scenic parts of the island while witnessing glistening blue waters and lush forests before free falling and landing on the soft sand of Tanjong Rhu Beach.

Run by an Australian-certified company with thousands of jumps shared between its highly experienced instructors, skydiving here ensures a safe and amazing coastal skydive over Langkawi’s emerald blue waters.

Skydive Langkawi does not offer online bookings at the moment but you can contact them to enquire about their Gold or VIP tandem skydiving packages. Details available on their website.

Skydiving in Johor

When jumping with Hawk Sports Skydiving Club, or Hawk Skydive, you know that you’re in great hands. Founder, Haziq Azlan made his first tandem jump at the young age of 11 and is one of the pioneers of civilian skydiving. In fact, the instructors at Hawk have over 12,000 jumps under their belt and counting. And the best part, being based in Johor, it’s nearby Singapore and a place for the best skydiving in Malaysia.

Beginners looking for a static line jump will have to gather a group of 6 in order to cover expenses. So it’s a great idea for team building or generally having a good time with some friends.

Contact them on Whatsapp on +6013-3467968 or email at to see their current rates and jumping times.

Where to stay in Johor | Icon Hotel Segamat on Agoda | SG$40 | TripAdvisor 5*

Skydiving in Malacca (Melaka) 

Ace Skydive

Photo by Ace Skydive 

Located in Malaysia’s southwest coast, along beautiful shorelines and a city steeped in colonial history, Ace Skydive is also a quick journey away from the Little Red Dot. They offer a complete range of selections from first time jumpers including tandem and static skydiving, to more experienced skydivers like USPA AFF courses. They also provide paragliding, paramotor, aerial drones, sports & general aviation, aerocruise, helicopters, and aerobatics.

Malacca is also one of the best places in Malaysia to experience authentic Peranakan culture and food. Here’s our guide.

Jumps start at 620 for a tandem jump. See more rates and services or reserve a booking here.

Where to stay in Malacca | The Settlement Hotel on Agoda | SG$60 | Tripadvisor 4.5*

Best place to skydive in Singapore

Skydiving in Sentosa

Skydiving outdoors is great but for a truly unique experience, why not face free-fall conditions indoors and right here at home? iFly Singapore is located in Sentosa and allows its customers to experience falling 12,000 to 13,000 feet for just a fraction of the cost. Skydivers enter a wind tunnel almost five storeys high that provides unobstructed views of the surrounding South China Sea. It’s the best alternative to skydive in Singapore.

Safety is ensured as it is in a controlled environment and flight criteria is much more lax – flyers can be as young as 7 years old and those with physical disabilities just need to book in advance for a weekday slot when the facility is less busy. This keeps in line with iFly’s slogan – anyone can fly (reminds you of Air Asia doesn’t it?). You could also take this as a “practice” before an outdoor jump!

Rates for first-timers range from SGD$89 to SGD$119 for 2 jumps, while flyers can also choose to jump 4 times in The Adventure package for just under SGD$200. For more information, click here.

Where to stay in Sentosa | Sofitel Singapore Sentosa on Agoda | SG$386 | TripAdvisor 4.5*

Here are some very interesting facts about Sentosa that you probably don’t know.

Places to skydive outside of Singapore, with a local company

While you can’t actually jump out of an airplane and go skydiving in Singapore, you can organise your Southeast Asia trip locally. Skydive Singapore are a professional bunch of skydivers with USPA rated coaches, examiners, and AFF and tandem instructors. If you’re looking for a local team that you can trust, join the community so that you can check that jump off your bucket list.

Tandem skydives start from SG$450, but it’s best to contact them for a full range of prices as your selected dropzone may be further than originally planned.

Where to stay in Singapore | Oasia Hotel Novena on Agoda | SG$194 | TripAdvisor 4.5*

Best place to skydive in Nepal

Skydiving in Mount Everest, Nepal

"sky dive in asia dubai adrenaline pumping exciting activities thailand langkawi singapore mount everest nepal"

Taken from Everest Skydive

Yes, you saw that right – you can sky dive from the highest peak in the world! It seems only right to add to this list of where to sky dive in Asia with the most daunting and possibly most extraordinary dive in the world. This surreal experience is held in Spring and Fall with an 11-day itinerary that includes sightseeing, treks and 3 jumps – one of which is an insane 29,500 feet jump in front of Mount Everest from a PC-6 aircraft (higher than the peak itself!).

Included in CNN’s most thrilling experiences, one of the most, if not the most, elite skydiving experiences comes at a price – a whopping SGD$33,000 for a tandem skydiving package. It will definitely be a jump to remember and is definitely one of the best places to skydive in the world, let alone Asia.

Where to stay in Pokhara | Da Yatra Courtyard on Agoda | SG$120 | Tripadvisor 4.5*

If you’re not jumping off a plane and plan to explore the Himalayas, here’s a guide to base camp on the Tibetan side.

Best place to skydive in Indonesia

Skydiving in Pangandaran, West Java

Pangandaran Grand Canyon

Pangandaran Grand Canyon. Photo by Nusawiru Paracenter

For those who want the complete package, you can reserve a 2 day, 1 night stay with Nusawiru Paracenter that includes transport to the dropzone as well as lunch. It’s a great addition that will compliment your travels to West Java. The drop zone is located at Nusawiru Airport in Pangandaran. The surf break in Pangandaran known as “Airports” has been compared to Kuta and Legian in Bali, so lovers of extreme sports can extend their adventures.

A tandem dive will cost you SG$458.

Where to stay in Pangandaran | The Arnawa Hotel on Agoda| SG$54 | Tripadvisor 4*

Here’s a list of jam-packed itineraries for West and Central Java to inspire wanderlust on your skydiving getaway:

The best things to do in Bandung in a weekend

Things to do in Semarang in 3 days

3 Days in Cultural Yogyakarta, Borobudur & Prambanan

Hipster and artsy things to do in Jakarta in 2 days

A party weekend in Jakarta with friends

Skydiving in Banyuwangi, East Java

Banyuwangi from above

Banyuwangi from above. Photo by Skydive Adventure Flying Club

Although they are based in Denpasar, Skydive Adventure Flying Club does not officially operate in Bali. Yet it is the closest chance you’ll get skydiving in Bali, as it’s right on the coast of East Java. They offer a skydiving academy and even a 2-day package that includes a tandem jump, accommodation, meals and transporation from in Bali.

The area is also an infamous surf spot known as G-Land for adventure seekers. Thrill seekers would also love to add hiking Ijen crater in East Java with a beautiful turquoise lake. Here’s our full 2 day itinerary.

The price is steep, at US$1000 per person, but keep in mind that it includes all of the above. Please reach out to Skydive Adventure at for further inquiries.

Where to stay in Banyuwangi | Bangsring Breeze Resort on Agoda | SG$128 | Tripadvisor 5*

Best place to skydive in Japan

Skydiving in Okegawa, Saitama Prefecture

For the closest drop zone to Japan’s capital city, catch a ride with Tokyo Skydiving Club. If you’re staying in Tokyo, it will take you roughly an hour’s drive to arrive at your destination. From there, you’ll embark on a spacious 19-seater plane until hitting 12,500 feet in the air. It’s all downhill from there.

Although their website is entirely in Japanese, there are reviews on TripAdvisor stating that they offer English services. So it’s best to contact them through email on

Where to near in Okegawa | Hotel Route-Inn Ageo on Agoda | SG$240 | TripAdvisor 3.5*

If you can’t get to Japan, then pop into iFly Singapore and then stroll around Singapore to these fabulous destinations to experience Japan right here at home.

Skydiving in Toyooka, Hyōgo Prefecture

Skydiving Kansai is located in Hyōgo Prefecture, which shares borders with Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. So you can include a jump on your visit to the famous temples, castles and culinary delights. The staff will pick you up from Tajima Airport depending on your time of arrival. As you’ll be jumping at around 11,500 feet, you’ll have spectacular views of the Sea of Japan and Tajima mountain range.

Tandem jumps start from around SG$620. Payment is cash only.

Where to stay in Toyooka | Mikuniya Ryokan on Agoda | SG$240 | TripAdvisor 4.5*

Skydiving in Tochigi

Tochigi is sandwiched between Tokyo to the south and Fukushima to the north. So travelers going on a road trip up north from Tokyo can stop for a quick thrill ride of a life time. The drop zone where Fujioka Skydive School takes flight is also home to a host of other sky sporting activities. If you’re okay with heights, but not a fan of freefalling, you can always take a hot air balloon.

Rates vary per package, so it’s best to contact Fujioka by email at Check their very active Facebook page here.

Where to stay near Tochigi | Hotel Route-Inn Kogaekimae on Agoda | SG$220 | TripAdvisor 4*

Best place to skydive in Philippines

Skydiving in Bantayan Island or Siquijor, near Cebu

Island view in Cebu

Island view in Cebu. Photo by Skydive Cebu

It’s no secret that the Philippines are filled with epic nature at every corner, so it’s a no brainer to catch the view from the sky. Their skydiving companies are also top-notch and professional. Take the plunge with Skydive Cebu Adventures which stands out as the only USPA (United States Parachute Association) Member drop zone in the Philippines. If you take a tandem jump, you’ll be happy to know that you’re strapped to a USPA qualified instructor. They also offer certification to become a licensed skydiver.

Skydive Cebu offer drop zones from one of two locations. The first is Santa fe in Bantayan Island, off the coast of Cebu and the other is in Siquijor.

Prices start from SG$484 for a tandem dive and is probably some of the cheapest skydiving in Asia.

Note for experienced skydivers: If you’re an experienced skydiver and are looking for someone to help you organise a flight in Cebu, you can also contact Cebu Sport Parachute Club, for help obtaining permits for your flight. Experienced skydivers can also contact Skydive Zambales for a jump outside of Cebu.

Where to stay in Cebu | Radisson Blu Cebu on Agoda | SG$200 | TripAdvisor 4.5*

When you’re done jumping out of a plane, go island hopping to Mactan Island or scuba diving in Bohol.

Best places to skydive in China

Tuofeng Skydive is China’s first drop zone that is USPA affiliated. They are also the first professional skydiving company in China, and were establishment in late 2013. So when you’re taking the dive, you know you’re in good hands. In total, they have 7 different drop zones throughout China that includes Guangdong Yangjiang, Hainan Danzhou, Xi’an Shanxi, Hebei Pingquan, Yunnan Pu Er, Chonqing Qianjiang, and Heibei Shijiazhuang.

Prices vary depending on location, so contact Tuofeng at for prices and reservations.

Where to stay in Yangjiang | Vienna International Hotel Yangjiang on Agoda | SG$57

Where to stay in Xi’an Shanxi | Pucheng Xinglong Hotspring Mansion on Agoda | SG$47

Where to stay in Yunnan Pu’er | Jinjiang Inn Pu’er Zhenxing Avenue on Agoda | SG$39

Where to stay in Chongqing Qianjiang | Thank You Inn Enshi Xianfeng on Agoda | SG$25

When your feet are back on the ground, go and explore the poetic scenery of Hangzhou’s West Lake or the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an.

Best place to skydive in India

Skydiving in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Photo by Skyhigh India

Photo by Skyhigh India

Based in the northern part of India and a two hour drive from New Delhi, Skyhigh is a foreign affiliate of the USPA. This means that they have stringent safety measures put in place. The head skydiving coach and owner, Rudra, has jump all over the world from Dubai to the US. His experience and expertise is sure to make you feel comfortable on your first jump.

Tandem jumps start from SG$470 without photos, but you get a cool Skyhigh mug!

Where to stay in Aligarh | Hotel MY Dream on Agoda | SG$60 | TripAdvisor 4*

Where to stay in New Delhi | Ahuja Residency Sunder Nagar on Agoda | SG$90 | TripAdvisor 4*

Skydiving in Mysore, Karnataka

Skydiving in India

Photo by 365hops

This may be a little known fact outside of the skydiving community, but the heritage-rich Mysore is the skydiving capital of India. There are various companies and camps to participate in that will last anything up to 3 days. Although they receive fluctuating reviews on TripAdvisor for their service, Skyriders will get you from the plane to the ground safely.

A weekday tandem jump goes from SG$700 and SG$840 on weekends (may not include tax).

Where to stay in Mysore | Hotel MB International on Agoda | SG$54 | TripAdvisor 5*

Extra skydiving in India: Try contact adventure365 for alternative skydives in India, like in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh or Baramati, Pune.

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Featured image from Skydive Dubai

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