5 Spiritual Activities in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali

5 Spiritual Activities in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali
June 28 06:02 2017

As soon as you step onto the sacred earth of Ubud in Bali, you will undoubtedly feel a different vibration.

Ubud is known to many as the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali, and with reason. Surrounded by rice paddy fields, bursting with art and culture and beautiful raw and organic food options, Ubud flows at a gentle pace. While it boasts all the standard travel offerings like great food, spas, attractions and day tours, something unique to Ubud is a host of spiritual experiences. These are vast, varied and cater to everyone; from a curious first-time spiritual seeker to someone who really wants to open their heart and mind to a more mindful perspective. Ubud is the place to explore yourself… and beyond.

Here are 5 very different spiritual experiences that may draw your attention:

1. Spiritual Activities in Ubud – Yoga Barn

Spiritual activities in Ubud

Yoga Barn is a beautiful centre dedicated to healing and renewal set in the heart of Ubud. This centre provides a range of classes and workshops including yoga, sound healing, meditation and ecstatic dance. There is also a wide range of healing modalities on tap. When you enter this environment, you have the ability to explore, see what feels right for you and dip your toe in gently. There is a beautiful nurturing feeling of community among the greenery and architecture that has been created. A smile is always available here and so is a tasty meal at the delicious garden kafe.  You can even try out their guest house accommodation or reset your body with a 3 day juice cleanse; starting any day of the week for approx $S399. Yoga Barn is a perfect first stop for a curious traveller wanting to explore their spirituality.

2. Spiritual Activities in Ubud – Dr Liana at Living Wisdom Academy

Spiritual activities in Ubud
Dr Liana in a spiritual talk 

If you are a bit sceptical about all this “spiritual stuff” then Dr Liana Nenacheva might be the practitioner to resonate with you. Dr Liana has the balanced perspective of a trained doctor and surgeon, a holistically versed practitioner, and a beautiful human whose personal journey led her to understand the importance and power of the human mind. Through her academy she has helped countless individuals to better understand their body, mind and soul. She runs a range of workshops, programs, retreats and private consultations. Total holistic consultations will set you back approx $S207. Liana will provide tools and motivation to help you achieve your personal health goals from chronic illness, spiritual harm, to weight loss. Follow up sessions can be conducted via skype globally. If you are looking for a fresh glow, try out her holistic facial rejuvenation. Sessions start at approx $S207, however she recommends between 3 and 12 sessions to achieve a noticeable difference and offers package reductions. Liana provides a stepping stone to health and wellness with undertones of both science and spirit.

3. Spiritual Activities in Ubud – Holistic Intuitive Bodywork

Spiritual activities in Ubud
 Holistic Intuitive Bodywork

Bali is known for its cheap and relaxing massages. Holistic Intuitive Bodywork is something else altogether. Massage; yes… but infinitely more. When you book an appointment with American massage artist Joy, be ready for a deeply personal and transformative experience. She will take time to talk to you quietly, set intentions for the session and establish a trust. The sessions are held in her private home in the backstreets of Ubud. Joy uses her hands, a range of essential oils on and around the body, crystals and stones and also plays beautiful music, occasionally speaks and chimes sweet bells to engage the senses. The bodywork is completely unique to the individual and may include release, nurture, relaxation, strengthening or supporting as needed. Joy remarks that the divine flows through her to her clients. Sessions cost ($S156) and last 2 hours.

4. Spiritual Activities in Ubud – Amara Samata: Inner Guidance Process

Spiritual activities in Ubud
Amara Samata workshop 

If you are ready to explore yourself on a deeper level, Inner Guidance Process is a beautiful way to tap into all that lies within. Inner Guidance is a conscious guided experience, calling on one’s innate wholeness; physically, emotionally and mentally for self-illumination, healing and sustainable well-being. Amara Samata invites you to access your own innate capacity for knowledge & compassion, while providing support and guidance. The group process is held once per week by invitation. To receive an invite, simply join Amara’s mailing list or keep up to date with her events listed on Facebook. Suggested donation is 150K IDR ($S15) however participants are known to offer as much as $100 or above following the group sessions. The sessions offer sound and music activation, hands-on touch facilitation, guided visualisation, questioning techniques and more. Demonstration is provided at the beginning of the session. Conversation and light dinner afterwards allow participants to share and integrate their experiences.  While the process may at first appear daunting the experience within itself, holds beauty and transformation. Amara also provides private sessions, immersions and trainings in Bali and internationally (POA). Her work has been described as illuminating, inspiring, freeing and life changing.

5. Spiritual Activities in Ubud – Quantum Source Meditation with Sharan James Charlton

Spiritual activities in Ubud
Sharan James Charlton and Quantum Energetics

When you decide you are ready to take things to the next level, it’s time to try quantum source meditation. Quantum source aims to access the divine, have it transmitted to you, or let it flow through you. This meditation is led by Sharan James Charlton, the creator of Quantum Energetics, a quantum mathematician and conscious technology consultant, and a Qi Gong healer, quantum source meditation teacher and guide. The meditation is unlike most in that it is an open eye meditation, based on eye gazing. Participants will experience this differently depending on their level of consciousness and openness. The meditation lasts one hour for the first session, thirty minutes for the second session, followed by dinner and discussion. Group meditations are held on Tuesday nights, invitations can be obtained via keeping up to date with his events listed on Facebook or by joining his partner Amara’s mailing list. Suggested donation is 20k IDR ($S21), but participants are known for leaving far greater sums following their experiences. Sharan has a unique energy signature and offers private sessions known for activating health, wellness and awakening (POA).

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