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Road trip basics

Road trip basics

If you’re heading out on the road for an epic adventure, you’ll need the perfect list of things to bring with. It’s always best to have a checklist before you go or may leave without the most vital things (like your driver’s license). So we’ve provided you with an inventory of all you need for your journey on the road.

Road trip essentials

Car charger. We recently discovered Nonda. This is a genius Bluetooth car charger that solves many problems in one. It will charge two of your devices, twice as fast, so you can continue to use Google Maps blood-sucking service. It also has an app to locate your car in a car park, for those moments when you park, go and then never find your car again. And it can also warn you when you are running out of parking credit. We told you, genius!

Travel app. Needless to say, Google Maps will save your life so make sure to download offline maps before setting off, unless you have a local SIM card, which we highly recommend to buy upon landing at the airport, or from the plane if you are flying Tiger or Air Asia as they sell them at discounted prices.

Cooler bag. It’s always a good idea to bring a cooler bag with you on the road. Whether you’ve packed your own meal or you get a snack along the way, you’ll want to keep your goods cool so that they don’t start to rot away. It’s also really refreshing to sip on cool water when you’re traveling in the heat. Try out this insulated lunch bag from Arctic Zone to keep your food nice and chilled. Or you can try this Rubbermaid ice cooler if you really want to keep things cold.

Water. This may seem like a no brainer, but trust us when we say it’s the first thing you’ll forget on your road trip. The excitement of travel makes you forget about this simple essential. And when we say water we mean both drinking water and washing water. Get at least 2 liters of drinking water per person for longer trips and pop a few more liters of tap water on the back in case your car overheats or if you decide to go swimming in the ocean or rolling around in the mud. It’s also great if you eat or spill something sticky.

Travel mug. Whether you like your beverages hot or cold, a good thermo travel mug is essential for storing the drink of your choice. There’s nothing better than arriving at an amazing site, peering off into the distance and taking a sip of hot coffee as the sun rises. You can either choose a twist off tumbler or something with easier access. We love the Thermos Tumbler. The OXO travel mug is also pretty awesome.

Camera and waterproof casing. No doubt you’ll want to be catching those memories for the future. If your phone doesn’t have that great quality, opt for the SONY Cybershot. It’s all you’ll need to capture those moments and it has GPS to geolocate your movements. If you’re adventuring in water, you’ll also need to protect your camera. Try out this Aquapac to keep all your tech super dry. Find out more about travel photography here

Hand wipes. For spills, sticky hands, or to clean your side mirror, hand wipes always come in handy. Bringing some tissues and these hand sanitising wipes is always a great idea, from runny noses to wiping off the sweat.

Music. For us, travelling usually means music. We find that while we’re on the road, music always makes the trip go that much faster. The radio is an awesome source of tunes, but sometimes the signal will disappear and you’ll be left with white noise. That’s why it’s always best to get your own playlist, press shuffle and get a nice surprise when that road trip anthem starts. Remember to bring an aux cable if the car doesn’t have a wireless option.

Car check. This is probably the most essential part of your journey. Check your tire pressure, your spare tire, wiper blades and that you have jumper cables. Learn how to change a tire before you go, you just never know.

Other essentials. Here’s a list of other essentials that are pretty self explanatory:

  • Driver’s license!
  • Snacks and food
  • Towels, pillows and blankets
  • Comfy clothing and a jacket (even if it’s sunny when you’re trip starts)
  • Toiletries and sunscreen
  • Sunglasses