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Write for us

Write for us

For storytellers

We are always looking for new writers to contribute a story.

Do you have a secret you would like to share for our Hidden SG section? Do you want to spread the love about your neighbourhood through our one-stop Neighbourhood Guides? Are you a shopping expert willing to share your knowledge with others? Are you obsessed with food or crave artisan cocktails?

As you an aspiring writer and want to share your stories with the world? Read the rules below and hit us up with your article ideas and let us guide you through our editorial process.

For those bitten by the travel bug

Have you recently returned from a great trip and would like to share your itinerary with others? Are you tired of having to repeat your travel tips with all your visitors and would like a repository you can direct them to?

Are you a local from any of the cities or destinations in Southeast Asia and want to share the beauty of your home with the world?

If you want to contribute to Singapore n Beyond- get in touch with us!

Guidelines and payment for contributing writers

We accept guest writers on all categories as long as the piece does not endorse any activity, tour or destination that is harmful to the environment, the wildlife or goes against sustainable tourism practices.

The articles you submit to us must be genuine, written by you and original. We do not accept re-publishing of articles that have already been featured elsewhere.

We endeavour to provide fair payment because we believe hard work must be rewarded. Please discuss payment when you contact us.

For brands

If you are a travel or lifestyle brand looking to reach a savvy and niche audience in Singapore and Southeast Asia please contact to us to discuss collaboration opportunities. We have experience working with several brands in social media campaigns and sponsored posts and would be delighted to talk about your goals.

Our Authors

"Peter Schimke"

Peter Schimke

About the Author
Peter has lived in six different countries before calling Singapore home. Taking his bicycle for daily rides, he explores every last inch of the island, finding hidden graffiti spots and more. Follow his adventures at

Check out the posts written by this author.


Carla Abanes

About the Author
Coffee addict. Database infrastructure geek. Wanderluster. Budding writer. Always with a good book at hand. You can follow her adventures at


Andrew Darwitan

About the Author
Andrew Darwitan is a daytime marketer, nighttime travel blogger, 24/7 music geek and foodporn shutterbug. Since 2011, Andrew has made the commitment to visit 1-2 new destinations every year. He writes about his travel adventures at Scarlet Scribbles.

"Wai Yan Yip"

Wai Yan Yip

About the Author
Having lived in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, I am passionate about traveling, trying new foods and discovering other cultures. I have now been in Singapore for 5 years, and while it may be much smaller than any other city I have lived in previously, it is the only place I feel at home (in fact, I love living here so much that I gave up my Malaysian passport for a Singaporean citizenship this year!). I also enjoy cycling, watching movies, going to concerts, reading and painting.

Check out the posts written by this author.


Nat & Rob

About the Author
Nat is a Brazilian journalist, full time traveller, addicted to beaches and good coffee. For the past two years Nat has been roaming around Southeast Asia and Europe, when she is not searching for a new paradisiac island, she is enjoying the nightlife at the big cities.  Rob is a triathlete and surfer, he combines sightseeing with sports, and has literally been running around the world. On his travel list, many European countries, amazing places in Southeast Asia and a couple of international marathons and Ironman competitions. Follow their adventures at


Adventure in You

About the Author
Adventure in You is an adventure travel resource website dedicated to helping you discover and find your next adventure. From trekking through unchartered  jungles to scuba diving with sharks, the team behind adventure in you believes in living life to the fullest, one adventure at a time. 


Jen Joslin

About the Author
Jen has been living and traveling in Asia since 2011. Her website, Two Can Travel, focuses on travel and expat life in Cambodia and around Asia. She and her partner, comedian Stevo Joslin, currently live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Follow Jen and Stevo on Facebook and Twitter

natalia padgen

Natalia Padgen

About the Author
Natalia is an energetic worker in Singapore. Her career spans marketing, advertising, writing and small business. Natalia shifted gears and has made it her life’s purpose to understand the intricacies of the mind/body/spirit connection. She was her own first client and continues to learn, share and develop a range of tools and modalities that encourage a conscious yet nurturing journey to self. You can follow Natalia’s journey or learn more about her  ‘energetic nurture’ work.

write for us

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary

About the author
Harnoor Channi-Tiwary has been writing about food and travel for more than a decade. She blogs at, Tweets and posts on Instagram as @HCdines and spends 89% of her day planning her next meal.

Sarah and a coconut

Sarah Hughes

About the author
Born in the UK and raised in Vancouver, Sarah’s wanderlust was ignited at an early age through extensive travels with her family. Her passion for travel and love of writing grew into a career and lifestyle which now has her slowly exploring the world full-time. Sarah believes the key to happiness is a good life balance of work, play, wellness and purpose. This passion and belief takes her in search of experiences that inspire happiness, growth and balance for both herself and her readers. You can find her stories on Live Dream Discover.