5 different yoga classes in Singapore: Rediscovering the art of yoga

5 different yoga classes in Singapore: Rediscovering the art of yoga
September 19 05:45 2017

What do you think of when someone says ‘yoga’? Until recently I thought of it as a group exercise class that required a lot of bending and stretching; only suitable for very flexible people. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This idea had come from a childhood experience – a group class of 14 year olds trying to do downward dog rather awkwardly… so I left yoga alone for a couple of decades. Then I re-discovered yoga classes in Singapore.

During this recent rediscovery of yoga, I have found deep understanding and appreciation for this ancient art. And I couldn’t help but think there must be many more people who had a similar experience of yoga way back, when that shaped their opinions of it. Let today be the day that you rediscover the true beauty of yoga and all that it may offer you.

The word ‘yoga’ derives from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means ‘to unite or integrate’. And that is exactly what yoga is about – integration of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old body of knowledge that promotes personal harmony using various pranayama (breath exercises), asanas (poses) and meditation.

These days there are hundreds of different groups and private classes available. It is rising in popularity throughout Southeast Asia and the world, from Bali to Singapore. There is a class for everyone. Some classes are based on traditional teachings and some are a new fusion practise created by facilitators with a specific intention. Whether you want to push your body, mind and soul to new limits, or heal and restore, yoga is a beautiful practise that can assist you in integrating healing and growth at every level.

During my journey back into yoga, I have come across a range of particularly beautiful classes and facilitators that may be enjoyed by a yogi at any level. You do not need experience to try one of these classes out. All you need is an open heart and the intention to expand your mind. Here are 5 different types of yoga classes in Singapore.

5 types of yoga classes in Singapore to try

1. Yoga classes in Singapore: Yoga with Karen

yoga classes in Singapore

Class Intention

Karen’s class works on connecting body, mind and spirit by focusing on the breath through movement. Participants work on toning, stretching, strengthening as well as relaxing to help bring balance. It is a time for people to connect with themselves and be mindful of what they are doing in a nurturing environment.

Who is this class for?

Beginner and intermediate

Point of difference

Karen’s yoga class is holistic. It incorporates a mix of flow and holding of the poses. It also includes breathing techniques, pranayama (channelling of energy using the breath) and a longer savasana to close with a brief guided relaxation for deeper healing.

About Karen

Karen is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Yoga Teacher, a Hypnotherapist and a Mum. She has been going to yoga classes since her mid 20’s and has trained with Union Yoga Ayurveda here in Singapore. Introducing, reintroducing and connecting with seasoned yogis throughout their journey has brought Karen a lot of joy and personal growth. She is passionate about people finding their true potential and seeks to assist others to take the first step to positive change; within and without. Her belief is that the power of the mind is phenomenal, so this phenomenal mind combined with the Universal Life Force Energy of Reiki, can lead to a natural unfolding of each person’s unique potential. She believes the happier one person is, the happier the world will be and likes the idea of a rippling effect for worldwide change. Karen is a gentle, encouraging and inspiring guide for yoga practise and so much more. You can read more on her blog.


Wednesday evenings 8.15-9.30pm at Karen’s condo (Sentosa)

– Friday mornings 9.30-10.45pm at One Heart (East Coast)

Duration: 75mins

Cost: $25 or a package of 10 for $220

What to bring: a bottle of water


To book a class contact Karen by email inspirationhealing@icloud.com or book online at the One Heart website. Testimonials for Yoga by Karen

2.  Yoga classes in Singapore: Integrated Yoga for Healing – Frances Ren & Mark Chern

yoga classes in Singapore

Class Intention

This beautiful class provides a space and support for self-healing. It uses a blend of gentle yoga asanas including Yin, restorative, TCM and more. Along with the asanas, participants are assisted into deep states of relaxation and inner journey with guided meditation at the beginning and end of the class. It is a time for gentle, deep self work. The experience is heightened with live music designed to support the process.

Who is this class for?

Anyone can enjoy this class from novice to very experienced yogis.

Point of difference

This class provides a yoga-sound-light-sensory escape. It offers a unique blend of asanas, breathwork, guided meditation and music. It also includes discussion after the class to allow for deep integration and connection.  

Note: Musicians/artists may vary for each session. Last time Mark & Frances collaborated with Pablo Ji (Planetary Soul), a multi instrumental and sound journey artist. The next class saw a collaboration with Elaine Yang; reiki master and crystal singing bowl healer. Like the rest of the class, the musical component is ever changing to support set intention.

About Mark Chern & Frances Ren

Mark is a TCM Physician. He works in both Soma Clinic and COMO Shambhala as part of a network of health practitioners supporting clients in a multidisciplinary manner. His areas of work include women’s health, fertility, pregnancy as well as conditions related to the autoimmune system e.g. thyroid, adrenal insufficiency and pain. He has an interest in working with psychosomatic conditions. He is also a Chinese herbalist and organizes herb recognition trips to the largest herb market in the world. Also familiar with other culture’s herbs, such as Ayurvedic and Western herbalism, he keeps up to date on new developments that may benefit his clients. Mark has learnt from many teachers at Como Shambhala and was inspired to create a yoga-light-sound-sensory escape series. He feels strongly that yoga can be experienced in a more blended, integrated and collaborative way and hopes that this fusion continues to develop over time.

Frances is a food wellness nutritionist for women and postpartum mothers, an acupuncturist and a yoga teacher. She completed her 8-year studies at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, working in various public hospitals before becoming a licensed doctor and acupuncturist in China. After her studies she started her own practice in Buenos Aires and successfully treated infertility, recurrent miscarriages, depression, general pain and aches, and digestive issues. Frances blends her learnings to treat and educate her clients with custom holistic care plans. Her goal is to provide wellness solutions to women in the home that can be adapted for self-care and ongoing lifestyle integration.

Frances has been continuously inspired by her own journey to motherhood and the lack of holistic care offered to mothers at such a life-changing time. Her passion for holistic awareness led her to become a yoga practitioner inspired by her mentors: Mimi Kuo Deemer, Robyn Wexler, Max Strom, and Donna Farhi. She is a certified Kripalu and Vinyasa teacher, and has been teaching for 10 years. She has taught in Yoga Yard BeijingBuena Onda Yoga Buenos Aires, and Como Shambhala Singapore. 

Frances is now developing her brand and vision with collaborators but identifies first and foremost as a healer. She values the connections she makes with her clients and enjoys seeing them flourish with her support.

Mark was drawn to Frances’ multidimensional teaching style which led them to commence co-creation at Como Shambhala.


Every 3-4 weeks at Como Shambhala Urban escape, Singapore. Bring water and any precious objects that support your healing (e.g. crystals, oils, a book… anything small and precious to your process)

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: TBA


Contact Mark, Frances or Como Shambhala Via email: Mark@somaclinic.sg  francesrhuang@gmail.com Singapore@comoshambhala.com or contact Como Shambhala on: +6 56304 3552. Read more about SOMA Clinic or Frances. Testimonial for Mark Chern and Frances Ren

3. Yoga classes in Singapore: Kundalini Yoga with Akashakti

yoga classes in Singapore

Class Intention

Kundalini Yoga with with Akashakti promotes a journey deep into yourself, becoming aware of the integration of body/mind/spirit and promoting transformation within. Pamela Kaur is a wonderful guide that assists and supports awareness and change at every level.

Who is this class for?

Anyone can take part in Kundalini Yoga, there are no prerequisites.

Point of difference

Kundalini yoga with Akashakti incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, relaxation with sound healing of the gong, meditation, and the chanting of mantras with an added emphasis on consciousness that activates energy centres throughout the body. It is a powerful and useful practice that will flow out into every aspect of your life.

About Pamela Akasha Kaur

Pamela Akasha Kaur was greatly inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and what it means to be a woman – the sensitivity, grace, power and nobility that we can manifest simply by the virtue of being born a woman. Her life changed forever following the first women’s training camp in Malaysia, 2007. Kaur started training at Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and is now a certified level 1 and 2 Kundalini Yoga Instructor with almost a decade of teaching experience. She teaches with enthusiasm and humour to inspire and uplift her students. Kaur strongly believes in healing beyond medicine – that we all have it in us to be strong and healthy.  She advocates for personal responsibility for our own mental and physical health; and consciousness through yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Kaur passionately shares her knowledge and love for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in Singapore. She believes that a woman is the embodiment of God’s creative power, Shakti. Every woman, as she suggests, has that divine goddess power in her own-being, waiting to be recognized.  With this believe she imparts the idea to her students that in the same way pressure on a piece of coal turns it into a diamond, the challenges of life can lead us to our true potential and beauty. It is the pressure and the pain that may lift us to the next level if we harness the power of our own minds.  She promotes our intrinsic ability to evoke a sense of being safely “at home” within ourselves –  at home where goodness resides.


Monday & Thursday 8-9:30pm, Wednesday 10-11:30– Kundalini Yoga

By appointment –  Conscious Pregnancy Kundalini Yoga, Gong Healing Sessions

Yogi Tea and snacks served at the end of class.

Duration: 90 minutes (includes relaxation and gong healing)

Cost: Walk in $45, 3 classes $130, 5 classes $210, 7 classes $300. 90 mins session includes relaxation with Gong sound healing.

What to bring: bottle of water


For more details or bookings check out the website or FB page. Testimonials for Yoga with Akashakti

4. Yoga classes in Singapore: Private Classes with Cindi Leong

yoga classes in Singapore

Class Intention

Private classes with Cindi enable safe and fun access to individuals or pairs that are interested in yoga. Classes always offer 3 key benefits – asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

Who is this class for?

Women 35+ at any level, as well as athletes (men and women)

Point of difference

Cindi offers private one-on-one sessions either at her home studio or at the client’s house. The privacy and close working relationship often allows access for deep healing to occur. After an initial chat, Cindi designs a session to meet her individual client’s needs and draws from her experience in not only yoga but a range of other healing modalities to support the overall intention.

About Cindi Leong

Cindi’s journey with Yoga spans 30 years. While she attended her first class here in Singapore, it was several years later in London that a Jivamukti class sparked her inspiration to become a certified yoga teacher. While Cindi has studied under many teachers with numerous yoga variations, her primary teacher was Elena Voyce in Hatha yoga. After a 10-month intensive course Cindi was intuitively guided to start teaching. She taught in private homes, yoga studios, YWCA, gyms and rehab clinics in London before relocating back to Singapore due to family illness. Since her return to Singapore Cindi has taught freelance Hot Yoga at Virgin Active, held private classes and run yoga retreats in Bali, France and London.

Cindi is drawn to embodiment practises like dance modalities and tantra. Dance is a big part of her background; from her earliest memory of dancing on her father’s feet to her current journey in Tango and 5-rhythms.  She has infused the idea of “embodiment” into her holistic offering along with essential oils and various healing modalities. She has created her own unique teaching style to inspire and support her clients. Cindi also regularly practises Karma Yoga (no money exchange) for local groups including cancer-care, animal-welfare and environmental charities, and the New Moon Lodge for Women. It is her pleasure to share her teachings with those who need it most.


Most private sessions with Cindi occur at her home studio at Buena Vista. She does provide sessions at client homes around central SG and Holland Village areas. To book a date and time, contact Cindi directly.

What to bring: water bottle and own mat, 2 blocks and a strap. Wear comfortable clothes which allow stretching (socks optional). Ladies: Bikinis and sharp or heavy jewellery are discouraged as they impede movement. Men: Tank tops or t-shirts with tights beneath shorts are suggested.


Cost: For one or two people, 60 minute class: $100 (on site) or $130-$180 (off site – depending on travel and studio rental costs). Cindi also runs larger group classes (min 6 Pax) and offers a class pass discount for 5 or 10 sessions at $25 or $30 each plus a free trial class.

For more info, contact Cindi via email at cindysuyin@gmail.com or via WhatsApp +659698 8322. Read more on her Website. Testimonials for Yoga with Cindi.

5. Yoga classes in Singapore: Bellyfit Flow™ The Slow Burn

yoga classes in Singapore

Class Intention

This class is developed from the original  Bellyfit® style to be a more gentle and flowing experience. Based on the mat, it focuses on strength and flexibility. The combination of a lovely encouraging teacher, a fab soundtrack and the great outdoors makes for an invigorating experience.

Who is this class for?

Women of all ages, abilities and lifestyles who want to experience this elegant, highly effective fusion of yoga, fitness and dance, Bellyfit style!

Point of difference

The Bellyfit Flow™ class fuses  the art of bellydancing with Yoga. Set to music, the class encourages participants to connect with their mind and body in a fun way. It’s taught outside in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. It is a fresh and exciting blend of modalities designed specifically for women.

About Anne Elizabeth Moss

Anne Elizabeth Moss is a professional belly dancer, Yoga teacher and English teacher. Originally from Michigan in the US, Anne has been living in Asia for 7 years while teaching English. Before moving across the world, she studied and performed belly dance for more than a decade, and taught belly dance in Sarnia, Canada for 3 years.  She has placed in international competitions and performed in 13 countries. Anne completed her Yoga teacher training course in India while working as an English teacher at student camps. Her Yoga teachings span adult yoga, dance and Bellyfit in Taipei and Singapore. Anne teaches regular Bellyfit classes in Singapore and is passionate about the unique blend of dance, yoga and overall mental and physical fitness it provides to the modern woman.


When: Classes run monthly and according to demand. Find out when the next class is here

Where: Singapore Botanical Gardens (meet at MRT exit)

Duration: One hour

Cost: $5 SGD

What to bring: Water and a towel, and a mat if possible. If participating without a mat you may want to wear sneakers.


Email Anne Direct for info or booking: amoss@bellyfit.com. You can also find out about new class times via Meetup. More info available via the BellyFit website or Anne’s FB page

What’s a good pairing with a healing yoga session? Visiting a day spa of course. Here’s our list of the top day spas in Singapore.

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