Yoon Salon: Creative Coloring at Its Best in Singapore

Yoon Salon: Creative Coloring at Its Best in Singapore
August 14 00:00 2020


Yoon Salon Entrance

Entrance to the salon

Have you ever considered dying your locks to resemble a rainbow? Or maybe you prefer a pastel pink or purple share like the ones sported by your favorite KPop artists? Or maybe you want to highlight some parts with a shade of fuschia or blue?

More than ever before, our manes are no longer just a part of our body but an expression of our identity, a representation of our personality and even a fashion accessory.

Latest styling trends have been favoring creative techniques, with bright, neon or impossibly colorful shades over traditional one or two-tone styles picked from a natural palette of hair colors.

And this is not a trend that is reserved to the younger Millennials or Gen Z but sported by anyone who dares to try, and Yoon Salon has made that easier than ever.

The Usual Salon Experience

Yoon Salon products

Amazing products

Inexperienced salon-goers usually discard the idea of trying a daring hairstyle because of three reasons: time, cost and fear of the results.

Coloring your locks, even in a natural shade, takes time and requires an ongoing effort in maintenance to avoid it looking like a broom.

Firstly, you need to take time off your busy schedule to sit at a salon for a few hours every couple of months. That, in itself, is off-putting enough to the average worker, entrepreneur, busy mum or dad and frankly anyone who does not enjoy sitting idle.

If that isn’t scary enough, the time is usually unproductive. It is spent sitting on uncomfortable seats staying relatively immobile as the stylist places all manners of liquids, creams, aluminium foil wraps, cling wrap and heat on your head.

We have tried to bring our laptops in an attempt to get some work done, or downloaded Netflix shows to catch up on the latest episodes of our favorite series but even that was not enough to comfort our busy souls.

Secondly, there are the cost implications. Creative coloring takes time and requires a lot of products be applied so, naturally, service fees are high and paying S$250 or upwards for the service is common. It turns out there are far more affordable accessories to buy.

If cost or time is not an issue for you, the real fear is the risk of ending up not liking your new look, only to go through the process again the next day to restore your former look or cover it all up with a darker shade.

But it does not have to be this way, and YOON has a solution to the three reasons why you are not trying it out.

Yoon Salon: Your Chance to Try Creative Coloring

Special at Yoon Salon

$28 Limited Special

YOON runs a first customer offer that gives you the chance of trialing all of their services for the first time for just S$28. For this rate you can get all your hair needs covered, from cut & blow dry to rebonding or perm, to creative coloring.

This rate is a bargain for top-notch services and a chance for you to test their stylists and their services for a very affordable price. What is more, you can be sure the only thing that is low here is the price but not the quality or service standards.

They often say that you get what you pay for, but not in this case, where more affordable rates do not mean inexperienced professionals, lower quality products or worse results. No more excuses on cost to try that fun creative look you always wanted.

With cost out of the way, the next fear most of us have is with regards to coming out of the salon looking anything but better than when we arrived.

To guarantee that you will get the results you want and that you look your best, the hair boutique’s stylists are all senior professionals with years of experience who will spend time at the beginning of your session to understand what you want, how you envision the end result and go through the options with you.

Emphasis during this consultation is placed on making sure your vision is clear and is the right one given your features, skin tone, face structure, hair type and lifestyle. Your stylist will go through various palettes and find the closest examples to the final look you envision.

The team of stylists puts a lot of effort and focus into this preliminary part to make sure that the products and technique used will deliver the results you are looking for. They will also give you advice if they feel that what you have in mind is not the most flattering option.

Once all of that is clear, they will whip out gels, creams and powders to prepare the mixt of products that will be required. Unless you have very blond hair, most creative coloring will start with lightening your hair color so that the products can better take.

This is often the reason why most coloring sessions take a few hours. We would be lying if we said that YOON has found the magical potion to speed this part up. Sadly, this is a step that you won’t be able to skip. However, most senior stylists at Yoon have a second in command that helps speed up part of the process.

When the service is over and you are all dolled up and beautiful, the stylist will walk you through hair tips  to keep your style looking fresh and your hair healthy.

The Verdict

Beautiful colors at Yoon Salon

Beautiful finished product, beyond my expectations

Our editor tried YOON’s creative coloring services and asked for a unicorn and My Little Pony inspired hairstyle that would cover the top part grey hairs with a tone similar to her dark blonde and gradually lightened to pastel purple with pink highlights.

The result was a metallic and subtle coloring that was not only fabulous but also unique. It was beautiful and perfect as her birthday gift to herself.

If you are on the fence about trying out a new and unusual hair style, this is the place to go; prices for a trial service are incredibly affordable, the team is friendly and committed to making you look your best and the results speak for themselves.

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